May 14, 2011

Who You Gonna Call? Weed-Busters!

These is my super-duper team (my super-duper dirty team) of weed-busters, led by none other than Mr. William.

When you have a weed that needs pulling, but the root is so deep that you're just never going to get it out on time to also put dinner successfully on the table, call William.  He is the never-give-up weed-pulling man.

Given a weed-pulling job, William gathers his tools (and sometimes some siblings for moral support) and works sometimes an hour or more digging out the obnoxious intruder. Check it out. I have plenty of work for this handsome handy-man.

Now that's a weed! (No, it's not a carrot; it's a weed. Check out those roots!)

Look at the hole William had to dig in order to pull out this weed. Over an hour of work!

William had fan club during the digging and pulling process.

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