September 30, 2009

Kid Quips

Yesterday's Funny:

Joe and Anna Marie were having a conversation. At some point in the conversation, Anna Marie used the phrase, "...a long time ago..." at which point Joe, ballad-singer that he is, launches into the opening bars of Don McClean's "American Pie": "A long, long time ago..."

No sooner had Joe finished belting out those opening five words of the song (which had nothing at all to do with Anna Marie's now truncated conversation), than Therese leaned in with great pride and finished, " a galaxy far, far away."

That's one three year old whose seen Star Wars with the older sibs a few too many times.

Today's Funny:

Three-year-old Therese walks up to me, toy phone in her hand, and says,
"Mom, I've got Hailey on speaker phone. Want to talk?"

How sophisticated, Little One.

September 26, 2009

High Visibility!

Our little scholar, Kathleen now has glasses, perfecting her scholarly appearance and attitude.

Is she a cutie, or what?

Oh, regarding photo #2, that's Kathleen's imitation of Daddy with his glasses way down on his nose.

September 25, 2009

Anna Marie's Triathlon

Anna Marie joined her brothers this year in competing in her first-ever triathlon. Thing is, her distances were much longer than those of her sibs. Anna Marie had to swim 100 meters, bike 4.4 miles, and run 1.2 miles. Yowza!

Anna Marie astounded us with her tenacity and her spirit, taking on this new challenge and meeting it fully.

Because my bi-location powers are a little rusty (help me, Padre Pio), I was unable to witness Anna Marie's bike, run, or finish. Joe was there for her in those areas while I attended to the needs of Andrew and William who were gearing up for their swim. And since I was the Leone with the camera, Anna Marie's finish was not captured on film. Nevertheless, the following photos capture the excitement of the very big day.

[In honor of the uber-cool arm number, Anna Marie avoided bath-water for some time.)

Andrew's Triathlon

Our little peanut Andrew, decided at age 5 that he was going to attempt the kids triathlon.

In order to complete it, he had to swim fifty meters, bike one mile, and run one-half a mile. Never one to be intimidated by anything, Andrew never lost his gusto throughout the race.

Despite the need for a buoy in the form of a pool "noodle," Andrew did not get discouraged and made up the time on the run and the bike.

Check out these photos of our little man competing alongside the big guys.

Note the finish-line (running) photo... As he crossed the line, the announcer made a huge deal about his little stature and his success at completing the race. He was clearly the littlest guy by a mile.

Go, Andrew! We're proud of you!

William's Triathlon

William was such a trooper in this triathlon. He had to start out with his toughest sport, and couldn't get to his beloved running until the end of the race. (William is a runner. His motor never stops. He runs like the wind. He never seems to tire. Swimming is another story. It's tough.)

Our Willy-Boy took on the challenge of swimming fifty meters (with a little help from a buoyancy device), biking one mile, and running one-half a mile. What a little man!

Sadly, I only have swimming photos of William, since I was busy watching Andrew's swim when William was biking, running, and coming over the finish line. "Big Dad" was there, of course, to watch William's excellent finish.

Check out the determination on William's face (okay, is that fear?) as he waits in line and prepares for his first triathlon experience.

We're proud of you, William!

Kids Triathlon

I think Anna Marie, William, and Andrew would tell you that the highlight of their summer was the kids triathlon.

The morning of the race was extremely unpleasant weather-wise, with severe thunderstorms barreling down on us just as the race was to begin. We took shelter in the nearby school gymnasium while the race was delayed for two hours. The kids were hungry and nervous by the time the race began, but all's well that ends well. They had a great time and competed well.

Joe and I were impressed to our very core. The kids were tough and determined, gracious, and good sports.

Having said that, we know where to improve for next year. Our kids are running and biking machines. Swimming, not so much.


What's summer without a big trip to Whitewater to visit assorted cousins, aunts, and uncles?

Oh, and that final photo... Is that a handsome hubby or what? Lucky gal I am...

Boys with Guns

War games with Uncle Tony at the cottage in Whitewater.

Aw, Shucks

Just clearing up any confusion about our midwestern roots.

(And, yes, at least one of us seems to prefer shucking corn sans pants.)


Look who's been visiting our garden...


I have a pixie in my garden, and is she ever a charmer.

Goin' Au Naturale with the Sugar

You hate to be a mom in rut, a parent always predictable, or an elder who's a bore.

No, you shake things up. Make life interesting. Keep the kids guessing.

You give them sugar cane in place of their granulated sugar.

And then you stand back and snap the photos...

God's Beauty

Sometimes the view from the front porch takes my breath away. Check out the mammatus clouds in advance of the oncoming storm.

I love living where we can see the vistas (including the tornadoes, says the weather-freak).

Bum Knee

Joe had minor knee surgery this summer to repair a torn meniscus. Therese and I accompanied Joe to the hospital for the little adventure, and Therese had great fun looking after Daddy as he recuperated. (Joe's crutches came in quite handy two days later when Elizabeth broke her toe. The family that hobbles together...)

For those keeping count, Joe's was the third surgery in a manner of a few months for the Leones. For those keeping even closer count, it was the three Leone boys who went under the knife. We girls are keeping our noses clean. I mean, our injuries minimized. Or something like that. Knock on wood.