August 6, 2008

Girls' Handiwork

In an effort to bring this blog back up to date, I am going to try to post like a mad-woman in the coming days... It's been a long hiatus with fun summer adventures, visits from grandparents, finding a new home for Grammy (and moving her into it), and dealing with a bit of the stomach flu. Now it's time to catch up, make some school plans, and throw a few photos out there.

Anna Marie and Kathleen continued to take sewing classes this summer with Katie, a teacher from Han's Sewing in town. Their handiwork amazes me, especially that which they can now do independently, thanks to Katie. In this photo, the girls display a hand-sewn apron (Anna Marie), hand-sewn fabric bowls & trivets (Kathleen & Anna Marie) and a hand sewn table runner (Anna Marie).