May 11, 2013

Remembering Gramps

Our kids never met my grandfather, "Gramps." He died when I was only seventeen. He was one of my favorite people in the whole world, quiet and patient and so loving to all of his crazy grandchildren.

One night, shortly before Christmas, we received a surprise package in the mail from my dad. Enclosed was Gramps' World War II hat. We had such fun remembering Gramps and talking about him—and sporting that great piece of family history. A treasure.

How I wish Joe and the kids could have met Gramps. They would have loved him.

Andrew in Gramps' hat.
William in Gramps' hat.
Lucia in Gramps' hat. 

May 4, 2013

Blizzard 2012

This was the winter when our van and our generous neighbor's pick-up-with-plow got stuck in our driveway overnight.

Scenes from the next morning as we extract the vehicles...

Christmas Photo Snappin'

A whole series of Christmas photos, in that annual attempt to get the perfect Christmas card snapshots.