April 4, 2011

New Vehicle for Precious Cargo

In light of my crash, we need a new nine passenger vehicle.

Why nine passenger, you ask?


[drum roll]


Because we are having another baby!

To be precise, Marguerite's birthmother in Georgia is having another baby. She is due with Baby Girl on May 17th, and she has asked us to adopt her. We are thrilled! The paperwork was completed several weeks ago, and we are now just awaiting a homestudy-update visit.

How exciting is that? Tell me how I'm going to do it all with seven kids... :)

So, we need a vehicle pronto, as we are Georgia-bound very soon. 

I'm all ears if you have vehicle tips. We are looking at the following models:

Chevy Express.
This would be most similar to the Ford 350 that I'm used to driving.
Spacious. Easy to get kids in and out. Plenty of cargo space. Maybe not so great on snow and ice.

GMC Yukon XL.
We'd be doing a lot of seat flipping and elbowing of sibs in this vehicle, but it's supposed to be great on ice and snow.

Chevy Suburban with bench seat in front.
Recommended to us by family friends with eight kids.
Somehow, their kids don't drive each other crazy in the smaller-than-a-big-van enclosure.
Not sure that would be the case with ours, but I do like to dream.

I would look so cool driving this. You know it's true.
This thing would just beg for conversation in the Target parking lot.