October 16, 2010

Rockin' the Twists

This is what it looks like when Dear Ol' Mom finally figures out how to twist Marguerite's hair—and manages to get the twists to stay put. For three whole days!

It sure is fun to work on such a beautiful girl!

Sporting the kimono that Cousin Helen brought from China several years ago.

And this is what her hair looks like after I take out the twists. Bring on the detangler!

Webelos Willy

Willy is a Webelos this year. That means that he is one year closer to being a Boy Scout.  In fact, next year will be Will's final year in Cub Scouts where he will earn his Arrow of Light Badge.

William is very excited about Cub Scouts again this year. It's a great time for Joe and William to be together, with no distractions from anyone else.

This series of photos shows William with his completed boat for the Rainwater Regatta and ultimately competing in the regatta. His boat was not quite as streamlined as last year's boats, so there is room for improvement. But he definitely made points for sci-fi style.


So Much for Feeling Young

Last night, Therese was proudly sporting a hand-me-down flannel nightgown that my mom sewed for me when I was a little girl. 

I was commenting about the early 1970's pajamas, when four-year-old Therese retorted, "They are NOT 1970's pajamas!" 

A little taken aback, I said, "Well, yes, actually they ARE 1970's pajamas." 

Although she didn't roll her eyes at me, she might as well have when she emphatically replied, "They can't be 1970's pajamas, because you would be DEAD then!"

Wow. I guess I'm careening over the hill.