October 21, 2012

One-Week Boy Scout Camp

Just a day after arriving home from Maine, we sent Kathleen off to her convent retreat at Mater Redemptoris in LaCrosse and the next day sent William off on his week-long camp-out with the Boy Scouts. It would be William's first time away from home for anything more than a night. Although we don't have photos of Kathleen headed off to her retreat, we do have some send-off and homecoming photos of Big Will.

William with his gear—the night before departure for camp.
William was one of only two boys in how troop who earned a badge for packing in and out,
meaning he carried all this on his back for the whole long trek from van to their camp site. 
Saying goodbye to William for a week was definitely not easy.
Here I am, fresh out of bed, no shower, all teary-eyed, saying goodbye to my little man for a week. Oh, how I missed him!
Note our dead grass in the background. Hottest summer on record, and William was headed out for a week of very warm camping!
(Note the swim trunks. They did a swim test immediately upon arrival.)
Waving goodbye to William, already loaded in the Boy Scout van.
William had second thoughts just before they left, but we encouraged him to go, and he had a fine time.
The van, loaded with boys and a trailer full of gear.
William is home!!!! Never, ever was I so happy to see William. What a long week.
William endured severe storms that brought down their tent, a bout of pink eye, and one of the hottest weeks on record—
and survived to tell the tale. Can you tell how happy Mom is in this photo? 
Before heading further into the house, William needed a round of foot and leg washing.
Filthy does not begin to describe this boy, fresh from a week at Boy Scout camp.

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