November 18, 2012

The Fans

At every cross country meet there are fans. But the cross country fans pictured below are some of the loudest, craziest fans out there. You guessed it: They're the Leones.

Kathleen (right) and her friend wait for the runners to pass. And when they do, you can count on these two to be jumping up and down and screaming their lungs out.
Some of the youngest fans were also some of the cutest.
Lucia was never run from point to point so fast as she was at those meets when we wanted to get to the best vantage points quickly.
Okay, this fan just looks exhausted.  
And then there are the Leone fans who decided to enter the "open race" after the official meet had wrapped up. Check out Andrew booking it down the finish line.
And Joe makes his move on this woman in the closing stretch. 
And did you ever see such a face on a runner? That's my man, Joe, competing in the open race—in hiking boots, no less—and making it interesting for everyone.

William Runs Cross Country

As a sixth grader, William debuted in his first year of cross country with Holy Family Warriors. A natural runner, William had a ton of fun in his first year.

We are proud of William, our runner! He did consistently well all season.

William's pal helps him stretch pre-race.
The middle schoolers, ready to race. 
Ready, set, run!
William sprints to the finish.
After a hard-run race.

Anna Marie Runs Cross Country

This year marked Anna Marie's second year running cross country for the Holy Family Warriors.

Anna set personal records consistently throughout the season and was very pleased with her strength and improvement over the season. After the groin injury last season, Anna Marie was happy that she remained healthy this year. Her shin splints started catching up with her at the end, but not enough to take her out of any meets.

We are so proud of you, Anna Marie!

Anna Marie (center) and friend, post-race.

Evan Wynn

I took on the job of Dane County Campaign Coordinator for Evan Wynn this election cycle and met some great people in the process. 

Every politician should be like Evan Wynn—a statesman, a patriot, and a gentleman. It is unfortunate that redistricting made things so tough for Evan this year. We are hoping to see his name on a ballot again soon.

Working for the campaign was a true honor and, as you can see, the whole family joined in the effort.

Toothless Therese

Documenting the double-header double TEETH loss for sweet Therese.

Boys' Toys

This is what happens when the boys go out with Joe on Saturday morning errands. They stop at the implement shop, of course!


Andrew & William

Four of My Favorite Guys

Okay, love these guys. Yes, all four of them. 
I've known Bucky longer than I've known Joe, after all. ;)

After Joe's law firm softball game.
Surprise guest: Bucky Badger

Frassati Runners 2012

Another great season of Frassati Runners.

My friend Angela and I have been running this middle school summer running program for four years, but handed it off to a talented bunch of high schoolers this year. Those high schoolers included Anna Marie and Kathleen. They did amazing things with the program this year (and provided a much-needed break for some moms).

Therese, third from left, with her race-day ribbon.
(The younger set had their own little race on this final day of Frassati Runners.)
Andrew, fifth from right with his final Frassati race-day ribbon.
William (orange shorts) with his final Frassati race-day ribbon.