November 18, 2012

The Fans

At every cross country meet there are fans. But the cross country fans pictured below are some of the loudest, craziest fans out there. You guessed it: They're the Leones.

Kathleen (right) and her friend wait for the runners to pass. And when they do, you can count on these two to be jumping up and down and screaming their lungs out.
Some of the youngest fans were also some of the cutest.
Lucia was never run from point to point so fast as she was at those meets when we wanted to get to the best vantage points quickly.
Okay, this fan just looks exhausted.  
And then there are the Leone fans who decided to enter the "open race" after the official meet had wrapped up. Check out Andrew booking it down the finish line.
And Joe makes his move on this woman in the closing stretch. 
And did you ever see such a face on a runner? That's my man, Joe, competing in the open race—in hiking boots, no less—and making it interesting for everyone.

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