October 25, 2008

Here's Where it Gets Political

This independent-voting, pro-life family has been so energized by the Republican's platform this year and the selection of common-sense, Washington-outsider Sarah Palin for the Republican ticket. As residents of a battleground state, we've understood the importance of volunteering our time, and we've busied ourselves putting up signs on our rural property, and making telephone calls for McCain-Palin. We're praying for a good outcome for our country on November 4th.

And what of the kids? They're pretty much McCain-Palin movers and shakers right along with us. They've been to the rallies and have talked the talk... More on that soon...

Part of the Family

The chickens have become part of the family.

If Therese had any say, they'd be in her crib with her at night.

Apple Plukkin'

Fall means our annual outing to Eplegaarden where you pluk (not pluck) apples in traditional Norwegian fashion. Uff da!

A few shots of the day...

Budding Geniuses Can't Stop Studying

Back in the school day routine at the Leone house... Ahhhhh, the rhythm of school days, the structure of a schedule, and the peace and solitude that a house of studying Leones brings. [giggle snort]

Reality: A typical day around here involves teaching kids, changing diapers, reading to the kids, settling disputes, giving quizzes, separating trouble-makers, and starting interesting discussions only to wind up in a none-too-calm voice lecturing that "silence is golden." ahem.

All in a day in the Leone family homeschool.

Chunky Toddler Cuteness

Holy Innocents Academy:First Day of School '08-'09

The first day of school was met with mixes reviews. Some of the kids were thrilled. Others, not so much.

For the obligatory First Day of School Photo, I asked the kids to each grab the book or curriculum resource about which they were most excited for the new school year. I think Therese just wants to learn to write! :)

Reaping the Harvest

The Leone kids get busy harvesting, preparing, and eating the cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes. (Therese would prefer not to share those tomatoes.)

Chocolate & Balloons Smooth Out the Bumps

When you end up with eight stitches on your birthday and have to forego the cross country team as a result, there is nothing like chocolate and balloons to put a smile on the face. Thanks, Grace, for the goodies!

Handsome Fella

Our "family photographer," Claudia Daniel, snapped these fun shots of William. Is he a charmer, or what?

Annie-Fan Turns 12 and gets stitches!

Whoa! One year away from teen-dom. Our oldest has turned 12. (This actually happened two months ago. I'm a little behind on the blog.)

This birthday will go down in memory: It was the STITCHES birthday. Yes, Anna Marie managed to slice open two toes (rotary cutter fell onto her foot while she was reaching onto an upper shelf for craft supplies) on her birthday morning -- not fifteen minutes after her friend, Heather, had arrived to celebrate the day with her. Needless to say, Anna Marie and Heather, together with Kathleen, spent a good portion of Anna Marie's birthday in the ER. Unpleasant, to say the least. However, the good ER ladies, upon finding out that it was Anna Marie's birthday, brought the girls popcorn and popsicles to try to make the atmosphere a little more festive. Anna Marie came home with eight stitches.

Despite the medical fiasco, all was well by evening, and John and Claudia Daniel came over to celebrate Anna Marie's twelve years with us. We had a towering inferno on Anna Marie's own homemade lemon tart, and hot-sauce-lovin' Anna Marie especially enjoyed the Tabasco-themed gifts...

International Night

An energetic mom in our homeschool group recently put together an "International Night" for Holy Family Homeschoolers. We had a fine time enjoying the foods and displays from a multitude of countries.

The Leones chose to do a Greece booth. Why Greece, you ask? One word: baklava!

October 4, 2008

Omelette? Fritatta? Creme Brulee?

Our diet is higher in protein than ever these days, thanks to our prolific egg layers. Eight hens are providing us with six to eight per day. We're whipping up the omelettes, the fritattas, and the desserts with gusto. Nothing like farm-fresh eggs, especially when they're from your own mini version of a farm.


In July, we were faced with the difficult prospect of moving Grammy, my grandmother, to a new home--one that could accommodate her advancing Alzheimer's. After about six weeks of searching for the perfect place and finding that all the good places were filled, a spot at one of our desired locations opened up. We are very pleased with Grammy's new home and the care she receives there. Sadly, she doesn't know us by name anymore, and we have to remind her we're family, but she sure does love our visits. We are her only family in-state, so we visit her regularly and make sure she knows how much she is loved.