October 25, 2008

Annie-Fan Turns 12 and gets stitches!

Whoa! One year away from teen-dom. Our oldest has turned 12. (This actually happened two months ago. I'm a little behind on the blog.)

This birthday will go down in memory: It was the STITCHES birthday. Yes, Anna Marie managed to slice open two toes (rotary cutter fell onto her foot while she was reaching onto an upper shelf for craft supplies) on her birthday morning -- not fifteen minutes after her friend, Heather, had arrived to celebrate the day with her. Needless to say, Anna Marie and Heather, together with Kathleen, spent a good portion of Anna Marie's birthday in the ER. Unpleasant, to say the least. However, the good ER ladies, upon finding out that it was Anna Marie's birthday, brought the girls popcorn and popsicles to try to make the atmosphere a little more festive. Anna Marie came home with eight stitches.

Despite the medical fiasco, all was well by evening, and John and Claudia Daniel came over to celebrate Anna Marie's twelve years with us. We had a towering inferno on Anna Marie's own homemade lemon tart, and hot-sauce-lovin' Anna Marie especially enjoyed the Tabasco-themed gifts...

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Barb said...

Ew ew ew ew ew!!!! Luv the flaming cakes tho!