April 4, 2011

New Vehicle for Precious Cargo

In light of my crash, we need a new nine passenger vehicle.

Why nine passenger, you ask?


[drum roll]


Because we are having another baby!

To be precise, Marguerite's birthmother in Georgia is having another baby. She is due with Baby Girl on May 17th, and she has asked us to adopt her. We are thrilled! The paperwork was completed several weeks ago, and we are now just awaiting a homestudy-update visit.

How exciting is that? Tell me how I'm going to do it all with seven kids... :)

So, we need a vehicle pronto, as we are Georgia-bound very soon. 

I'm all ears if you have vehicle tips. We are looking at the following models:

Chevy Express.
This would be most similar to the Ford 350 that I'm used to driving.
Spacious. Easy to get kids in and out. Plenty of cargo space. Maybe not so great on snow and ice.

GMC Yukon XL.
We'd be doing a lot of seat flipping and elbowing of sibs in this vehicle, but it's supposed to be great on ice and snow.

Chevy Suburban with bench seat in front.
Recommended to us by family friends with eight kids.
Somehow, their kids don't drive each other crazy in the smaller-than-a-big-van enclosure.
Not sure that would be the case with ours, but I do like to dream.

I would look so cool driving this. You know it's true.
This thing would just beg for conversation in the Target parking lot.


Kelly said...

Wow, so so exciting. Happy car shopping! :) God is good!!

Kim said...

Wow--I can't believe it! Will be praying for you all!

Natalie said...

WOW! Congrats on the new baby! So happy for your family and thank God the mother choose your family again. We are getting a Chevy Suburban with the bench seating. I need to look at the Sprinter. I've never even heard of it! Congrats again! =)

Pamela said...

First, I want to say Congrats! I am so happy for all of you. A family of 9 is so much fun, hard work but fun. I cannot think of a better family then yours for such a sweet blessings.

If I had to choose a Van for my family of 9, it would be either the Chevy Express because of all the room, or the GMC Yukon XL.

The GMC will be a snug fit with a family of 9. Really when a family of 9 travels anywhere it is never a light load. A GMC Yukon XL is a wonderful SUV for sure and a safe vehicle. I know having the 4X4 is a great thing to have in the family. We have two 4X4 Trucks in our home so when it really snows and we just have to leave this is what we travel in. If we have to use the 4X4 to leave it hs to be really important like work or a delivery of a baby. Other wise we just stay home and relax that day.

The Chevy Express would have the most room for vacations, and everyday family traveling. I enjoy the kids not being right in my ear talking sometimes when we travel. Our 15 passenger Van handled the winter roads great this year. Larry drives through the country to get to work and leaves at a time when the roads have not been touched between12am and 3am. His 4X4 went out in his Tahoe and we just could not fix it this year, he got to work each morning just fine without it.

The Sprinters tip very easily. The wheels on the Sprinter are small I don't think this van was made for the Wisconsin Winters. Cute Van, I love that you can walk in them just not the safest of the 4.


Meghan said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Congratulations! So excited for you.
No recs on a vehicle. With the addition of our newest we are maxed out in our mini-van. I have "big van" envy, but it's probably not in the immmediate future.

Julie @ Trinity Acres said...

OH What wonderful news!

We have a Yukon XL and had a rear facing seat in the back (before we had to graduate to a 15 passenger) We got a 3rd seat for a tahoe which fit perfectly in the back. It is great in the snow/ice.

I'm just so happy to hear you are getting a new baby!

Sandy @ RE said...

Oh my, congratulations! So excited for you all!

claudia said...

So glad you have the date in place; all things being very lucky, we'd still see you and Joe and the newborn at Jen's wedding!