May 7, 2011

Home Gym Improvements

We have had so much going on in the last few months. It's been one project after another.

One of those projects was to improve our workout area in the basement so that Joe and I can work out together in the mornings. We've been going to the gym early in the morning, but with the adoption coming up and the loss of our trainer approaching this summer (she's moving to Chicago—huge bummer for us), we decided to make an effort to save some money and do it on our own.

In addition to our old smith machine and treadmill set-up, we now have two benches, three bars, and enough plates for us to do a similar workout at the same time. It's always easier to be accountable to a trainer though, so we'll have to really kick our drive and determination into gear to keep our workouts where they have been with our great trainer, Rebecca.

If the couple who prays together, stays together, then the couple who prays and works out together should be cemented like glue, right? That's what I'm a-thinkin'.  :)


Natalie said...

So jealous! I would love to have a gym like that one day. I hope you guys keep up your hard work and see the huge pay offs. =)

Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

It took us 16 years of marriage to get the home gym really set up the way we want it. Little by little. :) But the impending departure of our trainer really put the burr under our saddle.

Kris said...

That is awesome. Makes me feel like a slacker as I'm sitting here reading blogs, sipping coffee LOL. Kidding :). I can see how a trainer would be so beneficial because I'm not sure I would know what to DO, or how much, etc..

Kim said...

You guys ROCK! Pretty amazing!