September 25, 2009

William's Triathlon

William was such a trooper in this triathlon. He had to start out with his toughest sport, and couldn't get to his beloved running until the end of the race. (William is a runner. His motor never stops. He runs like the wind. He never seems to tire. Swimming is another story. It's tough.)

Our Willy-Boy took on the challenge of swimming fifty meters (with a little help from a buoyancy device), biking one mile, and running one-half a mile. What a little man!

Sadly, I only have swimming photos of William, since I was busy watching Andrew's swim when William was biking, running, and coming over the finish line. "Big Dad" was there, of course, to watch William's excellent finish.

Check out the determination on William's face (okay, is that fear?) as he waits in line and prepares for his first triathlon experience.

We're proud of you, William!

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Barb said...

Always best to do the hard thing first--go William!