September 25, 2009

Anna Marie's Triathlon

Anna Marie joined her brothers this year in competing in her first-ever triathlon. Thing is, her distances were much longer than those of her sibs. Anna Marie had to swim 100 meters, bike 4.4 miles, and run 1.2 miles. Yowza!

Anna Marie astounded us with her tenacity and her spirit, taking on this new challenge and meeting it fully.

Because my bi-location powers are a little rusty (help me, Padre Pio), I was unable to witness Anna Marie's bike, run, or finish. Joe was there for her in those areas while I attended to the needs of Andrew and William who were gearing up for their swim. And since I was the Leone with the camera, Anna Marie's finish was not captured on film. Nevertheless, the following photos capture the excitement of the very big day.

[In honor of the uber-cool arm number, Anna Marie avoided bath-water for some time.)


Natalie said...

Wow! Your kids could out compete some of the people here on our military base! I'm impressed and congratulations to all of them!

Barb said...

Jeepers, she is one grown-up looking girl!