May 14, 2011

Egg Drop Competition

Our kids participated in an egg drop competition with our homeschool group.

Using a molecular model kit, they came up with a plan to construct an exterior skeleton to protect the egg. The egg itself was placed inside a pair of pantyhose and tied inside the structure.

The egg dropping took place at four different heights, with competitors being eliminated in each stage. Our kids made it to the very last stage, but, alas, their egg broke on the final drop.

Our young engineers eagerly await another egg drop competition next year...

The kids watch as a classmate encases his egg.
Kathleen, with her egg in bubble wrap, preparing to place it inside her protective structure.
Anna Marie and Kathleen insert their egg.
The rules said they had to successfully place the egg into the structure within sixty seconds.  
Kathleen, Anna Marie, and William look on,  just after their egg has hit the floor. Did it survive?
Mr. Tejeda drops one of the competitor's eggs.

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