December 4, 2010

Scenes from Grandma's House, the Night of the Funeral

A few scenes from Mom's / Grandma's house after the funeral and the luncheon...

She would have loved the hubbub and all the grandchildren making merry...

Cousins Kathleen (hidden, at piano), Madeline (at piano), and Zoe (on guitar) play—and sing—Feliz Navidad.
Three cousins, making music together.
Relaxing and reminiscing about Mom/Grandma, after a series of long, emotional days. 
Andrew and a Leone family friend.
Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jeff play with Therese.
Joe makes a little music for Marguerite. 
Marguerite gets to know Oakley, under the watchful eye of Uncle Tony.
Aunt Margaret shows Marguerite how to pet Oakley.

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