December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

After our bittersweet days in Chicago both before and after Mom's / Grandma's death, we were ready to come home. Thanksgiving was upon us, and we had a 22-pound turkey thawing in the refrigerator!

Following are some scenes from our very low-key Thanksgiving day. We cooked up a storm, but we had no guests and no time-table this year. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Therese and William survey the appetizers and ready to dig-in.
Simple cheese plate, olives, crackers, and chex mix for a warm-up.
Andrew is ready for chex mix.
Kathleen, Andrew & Therese wonder when they can start feasting.

Joe mans the turkey fryer—our new experiment this year.
Since he had to stand out there anyway,
and since there are white-tail deer on our property,
Joe, of course, needed his gun. (And yes, that's a beer sitting there too.)
Boiling oil, guns, and beer.
Can you say, "Chicago-boy-turned-redneck"?

Appetizers behind us, we finish cooking dinner.
In the foreground: a pot of pumpkin soup.
On the stove: pumpkin pie and apple pie, plus a pot of gravy
Almost time to cook the beans—with bacon, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese. YUM!
Now that the appetizers are put away, we prep the kitchen table for dessert—
pumpkin pie, apple pie, frozen sugared grapes, and gingerbread cookies.
We are almost ready to sit down to dinner in the dining room.
Kathleen made place cards, even though we weren't hosting anyone this year.
Kathleen and Anna Marie help put the finishing touches on dinner, just before we sit down.
Joe brings in the bird.  Just perfect!
Following dinner in the dining room, we enjoyed dessert in the kitchen.
A perfect Thanksgiving—one in which we spent a great deal of time remembering Mom / Grandma.


Natalie said...

OMG! I love that picture of your hub with the gun, beer, and turkey fryer. I'd put that pic on the wall. lol Did you enjoy the turkey? We inject Liquid Smoke into ours every year, but I've also injected it with white wine before too. =)

Elizabeth in Wisconsin said...

Oh, well now you have me thinking, Natalie... How about liquid smoke AND white wine? Ha-ha! Thanks for the inspiration!

Claudia said...

Your Thanksgiving table is beautiful! and it does, indeed, have a serene look about it. Just what you needed this year.