December 4, 2010

In Memory of Mom / Grandma Carolyn

Scenes from the luncheon after Mom Leone's (Grandma Carolyn's) funeral...

Margaret (Joe's sister) pays a tribute to Mom.
Bill (Joe's brother), emotional, reads a letter he wrote to his mom six years earlier.
Lou (Joe's brother) stands in the background remembering his mom as well.
The nine living Leone siblings.
Top: Bill, Lou
Middle: Paul, Cathie, Margaret
Front: John, Joe, Carolyn, George
Cousin table:  Madeline, Jack, Joe, Margaret, & Callie
Andrew, front right, sits with aunts, uncles, and cousins during lunch.
Joe and Elizabeth, with Therese and Marguerite and assorted Leones.
More Leones
The cousin table.
On the left, Madeline, Jack, Joe, and Kathleen
On the right: Margaret, Callie, and  Anna Marie
Joe's brother Lou laughs with his cousin.
Aunt Kathy & Cousin Frank
Joe & Marguerite
Cousin Ted with Cousin Jimmy
Cousins,  Madeline, Jack, and Zoe
Brothers, William & Andrew
Siblings, Andrew & Therese

Cousin Fun:  Callie, with Margaret
Cousin Auggie remembers Carolyn.
Joe, emotional, remembers his mom.
Cousin Ted with Carolyn, the youngest of Mom's kids.
Kathleen keeps Marguerite happy during the luncheon.

Strongman Joe, making sure we are not all looking sad and somber all the time...

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Natalie said...

I'm sorry for your loss.