February 5, 2007

Why Blog, You Ask?

Why have I recently jumped into the blogging fray, you ask?

The answer is in the Leone Homefront newsletters (or lack thereof) that were lovingly compiled for grandparents in September 2003, December 2003 - Part I and Part II, and Summer 2004. And there they stopped. Let's just say I got a little caught up in having babies, building a house, and doing this thing called homeschooling.

This blog is my new attempt at a Leone family newsletter of sorts. It is intended for the much-loved grandparents, all of whom live out of state and would presumably like to see how the Leone Munchkins are doing. It is intended for our little nuclear family as well, as a journal of sorts, chronicling our days during this homeschooling period of our life. And perhaps, just perhaps, it will bring a smile to the face of a random passer-by.

So, full steam ahead, I am forging into the blogging world. I ask the patron saints of blogging, multimedia, and procrastination --whomever you may be -- to come to my aid.


Meredith said...

Elizabeth! I have to confess, I came across you from a link from Danielle Bean to 4Real Learning Forums. And I found this treasure! Just had to say hi!

Elizabeth said...

Hello, my friend! I love, love, love the 4Real Learning Forums. What a wealth of info there! Hope to see you soon, Meredith!

Sandy said...

Eliz ... I'm so happy you are doing this! I hope to be a faithful reader. You have such a precious family :)