February 11, 2007


The annual Valentine card-making extravaganza ensued yesterday (after a break last year, due to the birth of sweet Therese Genevieve).

We wimped on the homeschool support group exchange cards, and went the store-bought route. The 97 required cards pretty much cinched that for this mom.

However, for the grandparents, we broke out the doilies, the stickers, the ribbon, and the tissue paper. Alas, sweet Kathleen missed the fun, due to the flu.

Grandparents, check your mailboxes soon!


Barb said...

I always loved Valentines Day when I was young and when our kids were young. My fave part (besides the frosted cookies!) was making the box to keep my Valentines in, and then collecting them all and getting to look thru the whole box at each one. :oD

Elizabeth said...

We do the Valentine box too! Great fun! Now we have a Valentines Day birthday girl to add further festivity to the day!

Barb said...

Gasp, that's right! A big heart cake for Therese this year! :oD