February 26, 2007

It's Behind Us!

I can officially say that we, as a family, have never been so sick for so long! But the flu appears to be behind us (and the supposed second virus we also passed around). Here are a few shots of the way we spent our last couple weeks. Pardon the droopy eyes, messy noses, and blotchy faces, not to mention the snooze-where-you-fall locale of these photos. I've never been so grateful for the normal routine around here!


Sandy said...

I just want to squeeze your beautiful kids! I'm so happy to hear you are all recovering. And surviving the SNOW :)

Elizabeth said...

It's awfully nice that you think they're beautiful even when they're sick! Anna Marie was probably glad I didn't get a photo of her with the flu! :)

momwats8 said...

Elizabeth - Oh my does that look familiar!! My kids are finally done after 8 dys. It was horrible. Just Saturday my 12 year old ds spiked a 102 fever -again - and started throwing up - again!! We are finally well. It was the never ending flu!!! I am gald you are all on the mend too.

Claudia said...

Soooo glad that as of yesterday, March 10, I was able to cross the threshold of your home for the first time since the bug took over
your lives!

I had missed seeing ALL OF YOU
and enjoyed hugs and kisses and rolling round on the floor with William and Andrew and Therese. Let's hope that a couple of days from now we're not all under quarantine!