February 14, 2007

Angels on our Doorstep (risking the flu)

My dear Mom, the Hansons, our friends Barb and Caroline... These were our angels these last few days as our family has been so sick with the flu.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse on Monday (all seven of us sick with the flu), our friend, Barb, showed up with an enormous bag of classic toons videos for our sick kids.

And just when I was feeling terrible that I've been too sick and feverish to get out and get Valentine goodies for my kids, cookies arrived from my mom and from Barb, and Valentine treat bags arrived on our doorstep from the Hansons. I almost cried. The kids can have Valentines Day after all, despite missing their party and despite Mom being unprepared.

I can't thank Barb enough for the therapeutic hot-and-sour soup (and the second batch of movies), and Caroline for taking over my Father-Daughter Dance preparation duties.

I don't know what this sick mom would have done without all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

P.S. I highly recommend Hot & Sour soup to cure what ails you. Mmmm...


Barb said...

Late bulletin--I heard the soup didn't work so well, and that Joe got the most enjoyment out of the cartoons... :o0

Sandy said...

Oh, Eliz, I do know that Barb is an angel! She's been an angel in our life, too.
Aren't we blessed?
I'm so sorry to hear you are so sick. I will say a prayer for your family. Love, Sandy

Barb said...

You guys are crazy--you'd do the same for us! But hopefully we'll never get that sick?!

Elizabeth said...

That's why we cancelled your sweet babysitting daughter for tonight -- because you definitely don't want to get this sick! :)