February 26, 2007

After the Blizzard

The blizzard of 2007 came and went with much excitement in the Leone household. Weather junkie Elizabeth watched the radar loop intently while Joe and the kids went for a nighttime walk in whiteout conditions. Our windswept acreage made that more than a challenge, and they got only partway down the driveway. Our neighbor noticed a car in the ditch at the base of our county highway about two hours into the blizzard and, thanks to his snowmobile, was able to access them and get them to safety. When morning arrived and the wind died, we found breathtaking views of enormously drifted snow. We also noticed our neighbor's truck stuck in his very long driveway. This photo shows Joe and Anna Marie, standing on the neighbor's driveway (which runs between the two tree lines). The truck is completely stuck (and he subsequently got a Bobcat and a front loader stuck on the same driveway the same morning), and as you can see from where Anna Marie is standing, the drifting left nothing more than a footpath between the 4' drift and the embankment on the other side of the driveway. (Yes, there is a plow on the front of that truck, completely hidden by the snow.)

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