October 21, 2012

Leones Do Jordan Pond

With a two-year-old and a one-year-old, this wasn't our year to do some of the more spectacular and challenging hikes that Acadia National Park has to offer. Rather, we opted for hikes that were do-able for everyone. Even so, some hikes proved their own bit of challenge, if only for the length of the journey with little girls on parents' backs.

The hike around Jordan Pond was idyllic. A path with woods and bluffs on one side and the Jordan Pond (which is a lake, not a pond) on the other made for some magnificent views. Following are some shots from our several-hour trek around Jordan Pond.

Where's the raft? And where's the Mississippi? Our Huck and Tom.
Early on our trek. Marguerite had not yet made her way onto anyone's back.

A moment with hubby—and only two kids hanging on. ;) 
Anna Marie was a lifesaver when Marguerite decided she wasn't going to walk.
The pause the refreshes. We were a tired crew by this time!
Look at our handsome Andrew 
William and Andrew scampered up every rock pile they could find. 
Lots of bridges on this hike. Will, Therese, and Kathleen take a breather.
Marguerite spent at least the last half of the hike on my back. Once there, she seemed happy!

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