October 21, 2012

Leones Do Bar Island at Low Tide

One of the best experiences of our Maine trip was trekking across the exposed bar at low tide to access uninhabited Bar Island—something that can only be done a few hours out of each day.

What a great time we had walking across the ocean bottom—that exposed bar of sand, filled with all manner of interesting creatures!

While walking across the bar, we found the largest starfish I have ever seen.

As indicated by the photos below, this warning went unheeded by many.

The view from Mt. Desert Island (Bar Harbor area) out across the exposed bar to Bar Island at the other end.

This bar is just amazingly expansive. It's amazing that the whole thing is underwater most of every day.
Andrew and William skip stones from the bar, out into the harbor. It was in this area where we found the giant starfish. 
We're pretty far across the bar here. This is looking back toward Mt. Desert Island and Bar Harbor where we started.
While hiking on Bar Island, you pack in and pack out, as there are no facilities of any kind. This is how Joe "packs out" dirty diapers. 
Andrew takes a rest on the bar as we head back toward the town of Bar Harbor after our hike on Bar Island.
The bar sprinkled everywhere with cairns, as can be seen behind Andrew's head.  
And on our way back to the "mainland" of Mt. Desert Island and Bar Harbor, we spotted this amazing starfish in the water, just off the edge of the exposed bar. It was easily as big in diameter as a large dinner plate. The stones surrounding it are huge.  This is one very big starfish! 


Julie @ Trinity Acres said...

What awesome pictures!! The dirty diaper holder is way too funny! I laughed right out loud!

Natalie said...

LoL about the diaper. Amazing starfish I agree!