October 15, 2011

See Kathleen Play

At the request of my brother, I am posting a couple clips of Kathleen playing the piano.

She didn't have time to brush up these tunes which she can play flawlessly, but she rocks out anyway. Kathleen's been too busy working on her new Sonatina Festival Competition piece to focus on keeping old pieces polished at all times.

To hear these pieces, you'll need to scroll down and PAUSE the "Playlist" music at the very bottom of the blog.


Nicole from Canada said...

Wow Kathleen! You are AMAZINGLY TALENTED! I felt like I was at a concert. Absolutely beautiful. You've obviously been working very hard, and it shows. Listening to you, I got goosebumps your music was so lovely.

claudia said...

Kathleen, you certainly look at home on that piano bench....it's been way too long since I've been in that room listening to your play!
Be sure to check your email today!

Anonymous said...

correction: listening to you play