September 26, 2011

Moving Up In the World

On my summer bucket list was to take the big kids rock climbing at a local place called Boulder's. Lucia had her very first babysitter that day.

Here we are, in all our lofty glory. I made it to the top, but let's just say that I definitely know I won't be parachuting out of airplanes in this lifetime.

That's Anna Marie up there, with Yours Truly belaying.
Anna Marie definitely won the award for most accomplished climber among us.

Kathleen was a little hesitant at first, but became extremely proficient by the  end of the day. Impressive!

William conquered a mild fear of heights today. Go, Will!

Hey, that's me!

Kathleen at the top; Elizabeth belaying.

Go, Anna, go! It was no easy feat getting over that angled portion.

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