September 26, 2011

Big River

The Leone kids decided to re-enter the musical theatre world this summer after a two-summer hiatus.

Kathleen, William, and Andrew had great fun, reestablished old friendships, and made new friends. We spent the summer listening to the lilting country-styled tunes of Big River, the Broadway musical adaption of the Huckleberry Finn story.

It made for a busy summer with a new baby in the house, but the kids auditioned and accepted roles. Kathleen was an old hat and thrived on the whole experience. William and Andrew got their first experience in a full-scale production and did extremely well.

Thank goodness for good friends who helped with carpooling; this exhausted mom needed the reinforcements.

The kids are already talking about next summer's musical. With Joe now on the board of our local community theatre, it's looking like more community theatre is in the works for this family.

Andrew hangs out in the props room before a rehearsal.
Kathleen (right) makes a great new friend at rehearsals. 
William and Andrew, front and center, during one of many rehearsals.
Andrew (left), Kathleen (center), and William (right) with great friend, fellow castmate, and carpooling buddy, in costume after one of the performances.
Andrew and William, post-show.
Kathleen & friends after a show.
The Leones with their old pal, Nathan.
Kathleen has never been in a show  in which she didn't share the stage with Nathan.
College-bound in the spring, he will be missed.

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