September 3, 2011

Post-Placement Visit #1 is Behind Us

Our social worker must make two post-placement visits to our home before Lucia's finalization in November or December. One of the visits is now history.

Miss Lucia was in good spirits and entertained our kind social worker, Lynn. Her older siblings kept the noise level high and the parental stress level up. However, Lucia gets a thumbs-up in her new surroundings from Lynn, and that gets three cheers from all of us.

Lucia, formerly Miss Skinny, has now plumped up nicely. She is loooooooong. She will be one tall girl one day. She is already one tall three-month old.

We can't imagine life without Lucia. She's such an amazing and perfect addition to our family. We are all counting down the months to finalization.
Happy Lucia!
Marguerite and her little doll-like sister! 
These two have such fun together!
Lucia may hold the record for the smiliest of all seven of our babies!
Our angel.

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