June 17, 2011

Sweet Words

While we were in Georgia, one of Joe's clients sent him a copy of an amazing email. It was an email that the client had sent to his own business partners.

I have pasted below the content of the client's email to Joe, followed by the client's email to his own business partners. I have removed all identifying information.

These emails brought to tears to both Joe's and my eyes. I have never met this client with the big and thoughtful heart, but I hope I am blessed with the opportunity one day.


I believe in the providence of God – that he is the author of my life.

So I have faith that meeting you was part of this plan, and trust that what is happening right now is part of his bigger plan which is ultimately for my good.

As I was thinking about it this morning I had another thought which I shared with [my partners] - I also wanted to share it with you…

[Joe's Client] 

Dear [Partners],

We like to joke that we pay for lawyers' boats and luxury cars with the legal fees we pay – you’ve personally paid a large sum to [Joe's firm] to defend [your] right to benefit justly from [your] life’s labor.

However, your lawyer Joe does not buy boats and Ferraris with his income – he drives to Georgia to pick up a newborn baby that would have a horrible life but now will grow up in a loving family and have a bright future with the opportunity to reach her full potential.

So I would like to think that you’ve only spent $___ in defending yourself and have spent $___ to ensure a new life for a little girl that you’ve never met and probably never will.

[Joe's Client]

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