May 14, 2011

Baby Update!

We are getting very close now to adopting our precious wee one. All paperwork is complete. T's due date is May 17th—just three days away! As soon as we receive the call that she is in labor, we will hastily pack and hop in the van for Georgia.

We are told that T will deliver in Macon, rather than Warner Robins, this time. The Macon hospital is apparently more adoption-friendly. And we've been told that T would like us to be there as soon as possible after the birth, so that is the plan.

As I type this, I have piles of baby clothes sorted on the family room floor. They are washing-machine-bound, and then I will put them into a suitcase this evening. Although I don't have any of the rest of us packed, I do have a very detailed packing list which I will use to make the process as smooth and speedy as possible when we get that call. I am making an effort to stay very caught up on laundry and folding these days, so we will have less to do when we get the call. And I'm doing some freezer cooking, in order to have some food for the cooler on the road. So, we're definitely gearing up.

The girls have a big concert tomorrow, so it appears we'll be here for that which is a very good thing. Anna Marie hopes to be here for her homeschool prom on May 20th, but that remains to be seen. That call could be any minute... or it could be a week or more from now... For more detailed adoption updates, stay tuned to our family adoption blog.

Meanwhile, we wait with extreme anticipation and excitement! As we are getting a crazy cold snap here in Wisconsin (it's supposed to FROST tomorrow night), the warmth of Georgia is sounding very appealing. Can't wait to meet our sweet bambina!

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+JMJ+ said...

SOOO excited for you. You are an inspiration!