March 10, 2011

Record Hiatus?

Well, I might be breaking all personal blogging records with this recent hiatus from Munchkins. Beginning with my mother-in-law's passing at Thanksgiving, followed by the holidays, followed by five weeks of major illness running through the family, followed by some exciting news (stay tuned!), I've been sorely negligent of the ol' family blog.

Now that we are recovered from our ailments and things are looking brighter (albeit amidst insanity at the Wisconsin State Capitol currently), I will attempt to update this little blog. Bear with me, as we travel back in time a little bit and make things current around here.


Natalie said...

OH I can't wait to hear the news. You've got me all excited now! lol =)

Pamela said...

I can't wait to hear the news! We have not seen you in so long! 5 weeks is so long to have sickness in a home full of little ones, so sorry to hear that.

Hannah sends big hugs to you and Joe she prays for you before bedtime each night. Glad to see the Leones had a great Packer party looks like everyone had a great time.