January 15, 2011

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

I love living where we live.

Not only do we have beautiful snows, amazing scenery, and an abundance of wildlife. But we have the PACKERS!

We're ready for the big Packer-Falcon playoff game tonight. We'll have curried shrimp dinner before the big game, and then we'll settle in with our full tummies for the big hurrah.

You don't think a quick prayer for the Pack would be sacrilegious now, do you?
Kathleen and Andrew enjoy the last minutes of daylight as the sun approaches the horizon.
Kathleen and Andrew in the back yard.
Marguerite practices her Packer touchdown.
She even says "touchdown!" when her hands go up. (Okay, she says "tu-duh.")


Natalie said...

Oh that is cute of Marguerite! And those sunsets are so pretty with the snow.

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Conni said...

How Cute!!!! Marguerite must have been thrilled with the Super Bowl! I know I was rooting for the Packers...even though I don't normally even watch football. Being a former cheddar-head, you know I had to be supporting them though :-)

Jenny said...

These pictures are beautiful. So is your blog header, quite a difference! I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please stop by and return the favor.