December 18, 2010

William, How'd You Get So Old?

William is now two whole handfuls.

Our spunky boy who'd like nothing better than to listen to music, run, and dance all day, has turned ten. A whole decade has passed since his challenging arrival (c-section after six+ hours of unsuccessful pushing) and his frightening health ordeal.

William is our smiley little man who enjoys Cub Scouts, running, and playing make-believe. He is a Star Wars fan and enjoys knights, castles, and Legos.

And William loves, loves, loves that his birthday falls just ten days before Christmas. "More presents all at once!" he exclaims as he explains why he likes having a Christmastime birthday.

Happy 10th Birthday, William!
Is this a handsome young man, or what?
William, all decked out in his Robin Hood birthday costume.
William and Dad break into a new airplane model gift.
William and his homemade (sliding layers and all) Christmas-Birthday Poke Cake.

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