December 16, 2010

She's One!

One year ago we had a mad-dash, heart-racing, emotional trip to Georgia to meet our lovely newborn daughter. To think back to that time is to remember one of the most emotional periods of my life. We loved Marguerite even before we met her. But we fell in love in a bigger, deeper way once we laid eyes on her. So tiny, so beautiful, so perfect. And, yet, we were torn in two by the heartache which Marguerite's birthmother was enduring as she made the choice to give her daughter a better life.

It's hard to believe it's been a year. Such a cliche, but so very true.

We hope and pray that Marguerite's birthmother is doing well. She's been in our hearts in such a special way, especially as we celebrated Marguerite's first birthday and prepared for Christmas. We send photo updates through the agency, but we do not hear from Marguerite's birthmother. We trust that, if she is choosing to view the photos, she is just as proud as we are at what a lovely, precious girl Marguerite is.

Marguerite, you are our pride and joy! Happy first birthday, Sweetie!

Party princess, ready to open birthday gifts!
Marguerite receives her own Bitty Baby doll for her birthday. 
Marguerite would not take her hands off this doll all evening. Here, she is trying to hug "Janie." 
Marguerite gets a lesson in diapering her baby.
Birthday cake? For little ol' me?
Whoa! Sugar dance! I like this stuff! Bring on more chocolate cake!
Marguerite's first taste of sweets—in the form of chocolate birthday cake—left her all-smiles.

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Natalie said...

Looks like she had a great time. =)