December 27, 2010

Scenes from Christmas Morning

Now she's smiling!
The kids made Joe a wooden bi-plane for his office.
Andrew & Marguerite with Andrew's stocking stuffer slinky.
Santa did not forget about Kathleen's special diet.
From Kathleen to Marguerite. She wrote one of these for each of us. So sweet! 
Marguerite & Kathleen check out Therese's new "styling head."
Anna Marie and the boys enjoy a book about the NFL.
Therese, in her new princess costume, with her Matryoshka dolls and book—all the way from Russia.
This scene is so 1970's.
Christmas gifts this year included snow skis (which we had to try on again and again in the family room, of course).
Sorry, Marguerite. Boots, not snow skis, will have to do for this year. 


Kathleen Leone said...

I love the second picture- Dad with the plane we made him. I like the last one with Marguerite, too.

Natalie said...

Looks like a very good Christmas!