January 2, 2011


It happens every year over the holidays...

I fall hopelessly behind, barely stay on top of the laundry (who am I kidding—I slide right off that laundry mountain), pull out frozen pizza with ever-increasing frequency, and run myself ragged getting from one holiday event to the next from Christmas straight through Epiphany.

It's all good, really it is. I wouldn't have it any other way. We have a great time over the holidays, and who really cares if the laundry suffers and the meals are weak? (Okay, I care, and it makes me edgy, but we're not going there.)

In any event, I clearly need to build in a solid minute or two a day for unwinding during the holidays. Yes, every mom needs a minute or two to herself, don'tcha think?

Perhaps I should take my cues from Therese and Marguerite, two girls who clearly know how to put up their feet.

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Pamela said...

Oh they look so sweet! I took the week off after New Years to just regroup. I could use some time to put my feet up. Smart little girls indeed:)