November 20, 2010

Badger Game Day

Joe and the boys recently had the thrill of sitting in the bleachers and watching the Rose-Bowl-bound Badgers whomp Indiana 83-20 in a record-breaking game.

The players weren't the only record-breakers that day: The iconic Bucky Badger—who does pushups to match the Badger points after each score—did an unbelievable, record-breaking 573 pushups that day. I think the boys were as thrilled by Bucky and his pushups as they were by the incredible performance on the field.


William (9), Joe, Andrew (6)
Badger game day, Camp Randall Stadium

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Bucky Badgers Number of Push Ups vs Indiana

We all know that the second most tired people at Camp Randall Stadium Saturday were likely Montee Ball and James White as they sprinted to daylight numerous times, in an unusual twist the folks with the biggest workload on Saturday were Bucky Badger and the guys holding him up on the stretcher. So how many push ups did Bucky Badger do against Indiana you ask, well we added it up and get him doing 573 total push ups on the day so he might want to submit that to the Guinness Record folks for the most in a three hour period in public or something. While we would like to believe that Bucky is super human or something we do recall at one point he went up the tunnel in feigned angst after the Badgers scored again and didn't come back for a while and as the TV crew pointed out might have grown some. In addition we can't really be sure that all of his push ups were fully regulation but congrats to Bucky and we know we missed him in our post game awards but he definitely should get a "helmet sticker" for his performance.

With Paul Chryst at the helm of the Badger offense either the Bucky's might want to train with Bo's basketball program on the hill next year or devise a plan for occasions like this because it will likely happen again.

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