November 21, 2010

Bean, the Volleyball Machine

Kathleen (aka: Bean), our 7th grader, played volleyball this fall with the Tigers—our local middle school team for homeschoolers. The Tigers played other private schools, both near and far, and ended up with a very impressive winning season.

We celebrated the end of the season recently at the volleyball banquet, complete with taco bar, volleyball cake, and many awards.  Kathleen is especially proud of her "Toughest Player" award.  She took some hard hits (and so did her glasses) many times during the season.

As the smallest player on the team, she was pretty much destined to win the Toughest Player award considering the many hard hits for which she elicited nary a complaint.

You're a machine, Bean!

The coach is talking about Kathleen's "toughness" as I snapped this photo.
Look at Kathleen's smile and the agreement of her teammates.

Kathleen with her "Toughness" award. Way to go, Bean!
A gift from the coaches—pink volleyballs for all the girls.
Says it all.

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