August 21, 2010

From Georgia to Wisconsin

Yesterday, I made the final post on our adoption blog. I always intended for it to serve as a baby book for Marguerite, depicting the process that brought her to us and the milestones that took place on her road to becoming a Leone. From Georgia to Wisconsin has served to chronicle the journey and provide a story of Marguerite's adoption, celebrate the wonderful gift that we received when Marguerite was placed with us, and recount the great joy that we felt upon the finalization of her adoption.

With finalization behind us, it's now time to print the blog in hardcover book format. The printed blog is our gift to sweet Marguerite. 

As I type this, Marguerite is eight months old and is standing unassisted. She has taken one step on her own, and she is "cruising" all over the place. She is bound to be an early walker! Marguerite has just popped her first tooth, and she eats solid finger-foods like there is no tomorrow. She entertains us and fills our lives with joy. I can't wait to see all the adventures life with Marguerite brings in the coming years.

We love you, dear daughter, Marguerite!

Elizabeth & Marguerite

Julie Dahlen, our adoption social worker, with Marguerite.

Marguerite lookin' cool.

The Leone Family

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