August 21, 2010

Sorting Us Out

Yesterday, the kids and I were out galavanting (aka: getting our errands done).

At a store with all six kids, I noticed a woman carefully checking us out. She was sizing up the kids, clearly counting, and trying, I guess, to make sense of our brood (which, by the way, is not really that big a brood by our Catholic homeschooling co-op's standards).  ;)

Finally, she pointed to Andrew and Therese with a big I-figured-it-out sort of smile and said to me,
"I'm guessing these are the two who are yours."
Apparently, I was babysitting the others.

Her stunned reaction when I told her they were all mine: Priceless.




Kim said...

(Sorry about that oops on the previous comment.)

I love this story!
You must be such a YOUNG mom, right, for the 2 littles to be yours?
I'm always just expecting someone to ask if I'm my kids' grandma...sigh...
Or when they say "are they all yours?" I always wonder--what, do they think it's a daycare?!

Natalie said...

At least you didn't get snide comments about affording all your kids. Other mom's I know have had that happen to them and it is just so offensive.