August 8, 2010

Travels West

July was so busy, I had nary a moment to blog. We actually escaped for almost two weeks, our longest vacation ever. 

Heading west (southwest, to be precise), we visited my family in Kansas, then sought adventures at a dude ranch near Durango, Colorado. After getting our fill of horses and cattle penning, we explored Mesa Verde National Park, then headed northeast to visit three of Joe's brothers and their families in Denver.

My sister-in-law was marveling at the insanity of traveling cross-country with eight Leones in one van. Upon our return, she said, I hope you didn't have to threaten to pull the van over too many times. 

Um, well... We didn't threaten. We pulled over. Plenty o' times. 

Having said that, it was a remarkably enjoyable trip and one which I think will go down in the Leone memory books.

I'm breaking the vacation photos into several different posts. Here are a few photos for starters...

Marguerite and me at Grandma Kate & Poppy's house in Kansas.

Would you look at those eyes!?!?

Therese and cousin William (not to be confused with brother William) in Kansas.

After leaving Kansas, we drove through pouring rain and intense electrical storms on our way to Colorado.
We stopped for sandwiches at what I believe might be the midwest's most desolate rest stop.
Western Kansas=The Middle of Nowhere.

Just the Leones and the wind and the intense heat.

Plenty of space to run and play at this rest stop.

Hurry up, boys. We need to get back in that van. We are Colorado-bound!

I had to jump out of the rolling nuthouse for a quick snapshot in front of this quaint old place,
situated in something of a ghost town, right on the Kansas-Colorado border.
Boy, was it HOT when I stepped out of the air-conditioned van.

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