August 8, 2010

Dude Ranch - Part 5

We were given the insane opportunity to put ourselves in an arena with longhorned cattle
and try our hand at penning them. 

Yes, I said longHORNED cattle.

Joe, Anna Marie, and I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it. 

It was great fun, even if it was a little frightening. The first time, we did great! 
The second time, we blew the time limit and pretty much failed. 

At least we can now say we've penned cattle.

Look at those bad boys.

Anna Marie and Joe head down to the end of the arena where the cattle are gathered.

Let's get 'em!

Keeping them along the fence line and moving them toward the pen...

Joe and Anna Marie keep the cattle in sight as they block their path out of the pen.

Joe holds one in the pen, while Anna Marie turns around to round up another one.

Wrangler Justin gives Anna Marie some pointers.

Anna Marie gets the last cow in the pen!

Now it's Elizabeth's turn to join in on the fun.

Elizabeth and Anna Marie make a mean team.

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