August 8, 2010

Dude Ranch - Part 4

Yard games, limbo, and karaoke, oh my!  We had some fun evenings at the dude ranch.

That's me in the red sweatshirt. I never crossed the finish line.
Too many kids, too weak a bladder. There, I said it.
Anna Marie in orange. Look at her go!

Kathleen in yellow, Anna Marie in orange.

Sweetie Theresey

Anna Marie and new friend Savannah do the three-legged race.

Andrew and Therese crash.
This is when I was sure Therese had broken her leg.
(Think: blood-curdling 4-year-old screams.) She was fine.
Joe and I are wheelbarrow racing machines.

We won! Joe is one strong guy! 

Look at Kathleen and Andrew go!

Joe does the LIMBO.

Anna Marie and Savannah do karaoke while we look on.

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Natalie said...

It looks like fun! Congrats on the win!