August 8, 2010

Dude Ranch - Part 2

A lovely young woman named Cayla babysat Marguerite while we rode horses during the day.

Joe and I enjoy our first ride for the week.

At lunch time, we stopped our horses in the canyon and had lunch. We were met by the kids and their counselors who enjoyed lunch with us. Here is Therese with her counselor, Catherine.

Eating lunch together in the canyon.

After lunch we mount up again to ride out of the canyon.

Little Andrew is saddled up and ready to go.
Sadly, Andrew who was technically old enough to ride with the big kids just didn't make the cut size-wise. For that reason, he spent the rest of the week in Therese's group, fishing, swimming, and riding ponies in the arena. At least he had this first day. He really missed the long trail rides and wished he was just a bit of a bigger guy. The life of a Leone.

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Natalie said...

Oh poor Andrew, but I guess he still had a lot of fun anyways. =)