June 5, 2010

Guitar Player Hair

So I've been working on Marguerite's hair.

So many fun hair styles (and such a learning curve for dear ol' mom).

Sometimes (in fact, most of the time) I just like to leave her hair "out." No hairstyle, just nicely conditioned in a cute afro.

Yesterday, I was doing Marguerite's hair—combing, detangling, conditioning, and applying her curl-enhancing "custard." When I was finished, I patted her hair into shape -- a very cute, round afro. She looked great!

Therese came along and gushed "Wow, Mommy! I LOVE Marguerite's hair. It looks just like the rock-and-roll guys in Daddy's guitar magazine."

Hmmmm... Not exactly the response I was going for, but I certainly agree on the cute report. 


Kim said...

Daddy's guitar magazine!! That dear husband of yours is just a renaissance man of so many talents--law, farming, music, daddying...amazing! :)
And Marguerite's hair is adorable! You rock! I'm so glad my girls like doing each others' hair, because I'm hopeless at it.
Happy summer!

Barb said...

Yes, totally! I was going to say a '60s Motown singer!

Meghan said...

Marguerite is sooooo sweet! Love the hair!