May 31, 2010

A Soldier of Christ

Last Sunday wasn't just any Sunday.

It was the day on which our oldest daughter received the sacrament of Confirmation, the day on which the Holy Spirit gave her the graces to be a soldier of Christ.

We pray that Anna Marie, our pride and our joy, takes advantage of this sacramental grace and lives her life in accordance with God's will and as a witness to all.

We love you, Anna Marie. We are so proud of you. The signs of greatness are already there. Seize your potential and live your life for Christ. We will be here for you in love and in prayer.

Anna Marie (second from left), with some of her homeschooling girlfriends, just before Confirmation:
Anna Marie (front row), with the Bishop and the whole Confirmation class, just after Confirmation:

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Barb said...

Wo, they look so grown up!