May 31, 2010

She Crawls!

Marguerite has entered a new world of crawling.

It's great to see her scooting around the house--sometimes on her belly slithering snake-style, sometimes up on all fours.

For certain unnamed family members it can be even more entertaining watching Mom trying to keep up, darting like lightning, collecting "chokies" in front of our now-speedy bambina. Or trying to save Nellie the Cat from some wicked tail pulling.

As a mom of six kids, I will say that I disagree with parents who warn how hard it will be when the baby starts walking. To me, the crawling stage is the most challenging. Pray tell, how do you keep a floor pristine for a crawling baby with six children and a hubby in the house?

Will you join me in praying for an early walker?  ;)

1 comment:

Barb said...

Sure looks like she's enjoying it! Eating off of an unpristine floor helps tuffen up baby's digestive system!