May 31, 2010

Bean Turns Twelve

Kathleener Beaner (aka: "the Bean") turned twelve in early May. TWELVE! How is it that our children are getting so old, while Joe and I stay so young?

Last year, our resident bookworm sheepishly told us that she was disappointed she didn't receive books for her eleventh birthday. Definitely a first, and an oversight to be sure. So this year, on her twelfth birthday, we loaded Kathleen up. She received no fewer than nine books (which she read in less than a week). And she received a much-coveted inflatable ball, large enough to hold a human passenger.

Suffice it to say, Kathleen spent the next many days, either curled up with a good book on the front porch or rolling down our hills inside her inflatable vehicle. Or curled up with a good book in her inflatable book-reading ball.

It's good to have a spring birthday.

And it's very good to have our beautiful Kathleen gracing our existence.

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Barb said...

Gulp--that means she's almost a teenager!!!!!!